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Aaron “50 SHADES” Gray


Jason Christofi

  • Co Main event in his Pro debut on Probellum in November 2019.

  • 2 Time WCMMA Winner.

  • 3 Time ROC (Rise of champion) Winner.

  • Last minute highlight reel knockout of Balraj Singh on ROC5.

  • Over 300 thousand YouTube views from fights.

Aaron “50 Shades” Gray is an exciting young prospect. From a young age Aaron had a keen interest in combats sports and finally began training Muay Thai kick boxing at the age 13. After 3 years of training Muay Thai, Aaron joined a MMA club in North London and began learning the different disciplines of MMA. He trained with Top professionals such as Dominic wooding, Nathaniel wood and UK MMA Legend Brad picket where he developed his style as a skilful high-level pressure fighter that isn’t afraid to take a punch. Not only does Aaron have the talent and discipline to be a star, he is also a prolific self-promoter evidently as in his professional debut he managed to get his fight moved up the card to the Co main event in November 2019 on Probellum, due to self-promotion. Aaron understands the importance of self-promotion in MMA and uses social medias such Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, to engage fans and build interest in fights. With Aarons Slogan #PingSeason he attracts fans from all different walks of life that enjoy entertaining fights.

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  • Cage Rage

  • Main event Lockdown



Having been in the martial arts industry since the age of 6, my journey first began in Shotokan Karate which then lead into Freestyle Fighting which I competed in a numerous amount of tournaments from UK championships to inter club fights. I then started to get into my fitness journey with strength and conditioning and at the age of 23 then I decided to train in MMA. I then fought at a pro level on numerous shows such as cage rage, lockdown, UCMMA. When I decided to stop fighting in 2015 I wanted to put what I am passionate about into teaching and helping others with Wrestling and MMA. I hope to help as many people as I can on there journey aswell